Thursday, April 21, 2005

Target Pets

Target Corporation recently launched Target Pets, introducing Isaac Mizrahi and Michael Graves designed lines of accessories for dogs.

The Graves line is interesting, offering one each of a doghouse, a dog bowl, a leash, a toy and a jacket. My guess is they will collect a massive amount of data on the consumer of these products and use it to refine the product line.

The doghouse is the most expensive product at $100.00, and other products are competitively priced. The other categories are Glamour, Sporty, Luxe and Classic. Each category offers a handful of highly visible products.

The website is potentially a good example of how to use the internet to appeal to a specific demographic within a larger brand, as represented even by its web address of The one problem is the odd user interface where the products seem clickable to the visitor but actually are not. And with the links to shopping for products at the bottom of the page, the entire site seem more like a media kit than a consumer shopping experience.

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