Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Starbucks targets dog owners

Starbucks, in a localization trend, has started to appeal to dog owners. According to the Wall Street Journal, a Starbucks in Portland responded to strong dog owner demographics by adding an outside window counter so customers can purchase coffee without bringing their pets inside ("At Starbucks, Coffee Comes With New Decor," by Janet Adamy, The Wall Street Journal, Nov. 10, 2006).

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At 6:00 PM, Anonymous S Lewis said...

It's about time!!! I am all for an outside counter at Starbuck's, so dog owners can purchase coffee without having to leave their pet at home or leashed to a pole while purchasing coffee.

I hope this new trend hits the Washington D.C. Metro Area before Summer 2007. We have Starbucks located all around town and in many cities of Maryland and Virginia.

I would suggest selling dog biscuits or dog treats to dog owners. Another idea is to have a clean water bowl for dogs. This would be a very smart marketing strategy for Starbucks.


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