Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dog Flu Info

Just like humans, dogs get the flu, and one is spreading around the country, impacting services like daycare and boarding kennels as pet owners begin to stay away, as reported in The Washington Post (link removed: article is no longer available).

The virus, first noticed in racing greyhounds and initially confused with the common "kennel cough," has now infected pets in nine states from California to New York, apparently taking veterinarians by surprise. With no vaccine and an estimated 5% mortality rate, dog owners are becoming increasingly concerned ("Pet Owners Worry About Dog Flu's Spread," by Jim Fitzgerald, The Associated Press, Oct 14, 2005).

Considering the unprecendented awareness of pet health issues, media reports of bird flu, and cyclical flu seasons in general, events like this may begin to impact the pet industry more frequently or strongly in the future.



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