Monday, January 30, 2012

Kroger Offers Prescription Pet Meds

Kroger is now offering pet medications at its pharmacies nationwide, with many covered under its $4 generic program, according to the Houston Chronicle. "Four legs or two, same pharmacy," by David Kaplan, Houston Chronicle, January 23, 2012 It's a good article, pointing out how this is the natural evolution of the veterinary industry.

Target is piloting a similar program in 670 pharmacies, but Kroger is already full-steam ahead in it's over 1,900 pharmacies in the U.S. Already under pressure from the economy and other factors, it seems veterinarians can't rely on the old business model moving forward and will need to adapt.

On the flip side, this new mass marketing will benefit many segments of the pet industry and satisfy consumer demand for value pricing of prescription (human and) pet meds.