Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PetSmart Q3 2012

PetSmart, Inc. (NASDAQ:PETM) last week reported strong 3rd quarter results for 2012, booking $82 million in net income on $1.6 billion in sales, up 9%. Comparable store sales grew 6.5%. Services sales grew 8% to $175 million.

The company credits its hard goods resets over the past two years for continued differentiation in a competitive industry, supplying a mix of exclusive brands - including GNC, KONG and Martha Stewart - and private labels like Top Paw that align with consumer demand. Hard goods made up for 33.1% of sales.

In consumables, which accounted for 53.9% of sales, super-premium continues to be the largest and fastest growing category.

Services accounted for 10.7% of sales. Pet services like grooming, boarding and veterinary care are an "integral part" of PetSmart's strategy to further differentiate it from the competition, drive traffic and repeat visits to the stores, and provide cross-selling opportunities.

PetSmart adapts well to fast-changing consumer trends and loyalties, which can't be easy with 1,269 stores. Illustrating the humanization trend, the company has increased television advertising spending for the holiday season, jumping on the Black Friday shopping spree with specific ads, and soon to launch a 12 Days of Christmas ad campaign.

Feeling good in the U.S., the company is "dipping a toe in the water" in Asia with a "low-risk learning exercise" in South Korea with Emart.

Source: PetSmart Investor Relations

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