Sunday, August 07, 2005

Pets in catalogs

For the first time, IKEA introduced dog and cat accessories in its catalog. Food bowls, cat toys, pet baskets, and a blanket, most priced below $10, with the slogan 'creature comforts at humane prices.' To see all the items, visit the pet section of IKEA's website.

Just received the latest batch of Drs Foster & Smith catalogs for dogs, cats, birds and aquatics, and am impressed. As a case study in marketing techniques, this is the opposite of how its done at the specialty stores. Only products reviewed by veterinarians are included in these catalogs. Walking into any large pet retailer, however, the migraine-inducing blast of color that greets the consumer from the vast selection of products should be a reminder that these products are marketed toward the owner, not always with the pets best interests in mind. Dogs are color blind, remember?

The back page seems to be popular for home improvements, art and design catalogs. Trendy dog collars are found on the back of the latest summer catalog from Flax Art & Design, a San Francisco-based art supply and creative retail store.

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