Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pet Business Opportunities

Emerging Market Segments in the Pet Industry

Kudos to BusinessWeek for staying ahead of the curve by reporting on one of the emerging market segments in the pet industry (There's Never Been A Better Time to Be a Dead Pet by Eric Spitznagel, Sep 07 2012). Sometimes it's hard for businesses to get behind an idea that's hard to quantify; the article points out that it is "a growing if untracked segment of the pet care industry."

In fact, the pet death segment is on our list of best pet business opportunities for the second year straight. The aging of America, and of our pets, and increased spending, are only three of the reasons.

Cultural changes and pet owner expenditures that span multiple demographic groups have proactively created opportunities for new business ideas, and perhaps more importantly for existing businesses to tap into a multi-billion spending spree.

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