Sunday, June 12, 2005

Polo Ralph Lauren dog apparel

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In 2003 Ralph Lauren had a successful holiday season selling Polo dog shirts. The company has since added a $95.00 cashmere dog sweater to the dog line, which at three times the cost of the shirt suggests continuing popularity with the products.

Appealing to the pet owner who shops in-store, the company notes on its website that all Polo Ralph Lauren retail stores are pet-friendly, offering a gourmet pet treat or a walk while you shop.

The website, however, is not quite so dog-friendly. The dog apparel is not emphasized on the site, to be found only after the visitor clicks on the 'Gifts' link, and then a sub category link.

The inability to instantly find dog apparel from the homepage and other categories seems to this industry watcher to be a missed opportunity in the thriving pet market.

But perhaps this is simply another example of a retail website playing catch up to its own stores and its competitors. Polo displays this symptom by lacking any search functionality on a large e-commerce website, putting it at a strategic disadvantage to its online peers.


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