Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pet Industry 2011 Strategic Outlook

A new market research report for pet industry business development is available for purchase online.

U.S. consumer spending continued to grow across all four segments of the pet industry, cementing its reputation as "recession resistant." But shifting demographics reveal changing patterns by core demographic groups. U.S. pet owner spending by age, income, higher income, household composition, and region are charted, with an Executive Summary by Dillon Media.

The Pet Industry 2011 Strategic Outlook analyzes nationwide spending, trends and business involvement in the industry, including how it fared during the recession and opportunities moving forward. The data aggregate consumer spending on all pets in four main segments: Pet Food, Veterinary Services, Pet Purchase Supplies & OTC Meds, and Pet Services.

The latest available data are from 2009, with forecasts through 2015. This report is valuable to participants in the nationwide pet retail market, for business plan citations, for product development strategy, for marketing and advertising plans, and for an overview of the pet industry landscape.

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