Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pet Food Recall: Week 7 Update

Seven weeks later, the pet food recall keeps growing. It's already exposed massive holes in the US food chain, including intentional contamination overseas that apparently has been going on for years, and a stunning lack of inspection procedures on both food and nonfood imports at US ports.

The only reason melamine was detected at all may be due to its chemical reaction with another contaminant in the pet food, cyanuric acid. Each of these falsely raises the protein content of wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate. Each chemical alone may not kill a dog or cat, but the combination of the two apparently does, forming crystalline structures that block kidney function.

Leftover bad pet food was sold to farms. Health officials at FDA and USDA say a minimum of 2.5 million chickens ate contaminated feed and entered the human food chain in February.

I believe that means we ate them.

While acknowledging they have no idea how this combo-contaminant impacts human health, with or without 'dilution' factors, they refuse to recall any chicken or pork that may be left on shelves or in freezers around the country.

Forget trying to stay up to date on FDA's website. They are too slow adding newly recalled brands in a timely fashion, which is frankly pathetic for a health issue. It takes one web monkey 5 minutes to update a webpage, not 5 hours or 5 days. In fact, I am training monkeys to type right now, and will send them off to help the FDA with this task in the morning.
Itchmo's List of All Recalled Cat and Dog Food
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U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced an amendment to the FDA Reauthorization Bill strengthening human and pet food monitoring, labeling and inspection standards. The Reauthorization Bill, S.1082, is now on the Senate floor.

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