Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Luxury Pet Products

Retailers continue to appeal to pet owners. Whether looking for broader customer reach or attracted by high profit margins, this trend is evident across the range of retailers, from dollar stores to luxury boutiques. Even Target and Wal-Mart are moving upmarket, but what's at the top?

Neiman Marcus just released the new Christmas Book, featuring a much larger selection of luxury pet accessories than last year, including a $185 dog leash that matches personal accessories and an Italian-designed dog house for $8,000. Notably, there's also a Neiman Marcus-branded pet throw costing from $485 to $800.

Macy's launched it's second pet department in Philadelphia last month. The first 'Pet on the Woof' boutique opened in NYC last year.

Harrod's in the UK holds an annual pet fashion show called Pet-a-Porter.

And one of my favorite online luxury retailers, Pampered Puppy, recently wrote about brand extensions from the likes of Kate Spade, Von Dutch and Burberry.

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