Wednesday, September 21, 2005

PetSmart and FEMA

PetSmart and FEMA tried to work together after Katrina to help rescue pets as detailed in the Newsweek article Cash and 'Cat 5' Chaos. It didn't work out very well as FEMA dropped the ball after placing a $28,000 order.

But it's a start. In preparation for Rita, the Mayor of Galveston said pets in cages would be allowed on evacuation buses, a proactive move that should be imitated in other disaster evacuations, and one signalling a fast response to public sentiment on the issue.

Maybe privatizing disaster recovery and relief isn't a bad idea. At least companies that excel in supply chain logistics often also have people in charge with relevant experience. Instead of no-bid contracts and reductions of consumer and worker protections in the name of 'recovery' - which is a recipe for fraud - why not hire those most skilled at the task and provide incentives for quality work. This is how highway 10 in Los Angeles got rebuilt over 90% ahead of schedule after the Northridge earthquake, saving the state from losing an estimated $600,000 per day for two years.

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