Thursday, May 29, 2008

Toyota and Honda Dog-Friendly Cars

Honda's dog-friendly concept car introduced in 2005 has evolved into a comprehensive marketing campaign that is creating sales in Japan, according to Reuters ("Dog-lovers of the world unite...around Honda," by Chang Ran-Kim, Reuters, May 29, 2008).

Honda Dog uses its 1.5 million monthly website visitors to sell cars and its Travel Dog line of pet accessories.

Not to be outdone, Toyota also has a Japanese website for dog owners featuring the Corolla called C Loves Dog.

In case you don't read Japanese, it's still fun to click around these sites. I assume it's just a matter of time until the U.S. versions come out as the auto industry aggressively seeks to differentiate products while appealing to broad demographics.

Closer to home, helps American pet parents choose the best pet-friendly cars, by reviewing new models specifically from a dog owner's perspective.

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