Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dog Friendly Car Unleashed by Honda

Honda showed off the Dog Friendly Honda Element concept car at the New York Auto Show today, with integrated dog amenities and safety equipment including restraints, hardy fabrics, an access ramp, a cushioned bed, a spill-resistant water bowl and dedicated doggie cooling system.

Appealing to the broad spectrum of dog owners who increasingly treat their pets like family definitely separates this model of the Element from the pack.

Honda has been developing its pet-themed marketing since 2005, when it launched a dog friendly concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. Soon after, the company launched Honda Dog in Japan, pitching cars and its Travel Dog line of pet accessories to its 1.5 million monthly visitors.

Not to be outdone, Toyota also has a Japanese website for dog owners featuring the Corolla called C Loves Dog.

Closer to home, helps American pet parents choose the best pet-friendly cars, by reviewing new models specifically from a dog owner's perspective.



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