Sunday, December 04, 2011

Emerging pet trends

A new study illustrates the health benefits of owning a pet, finding pet owners have greater self esteem, are more physically fit, and more extraverted than non pet owners. Unlike most studies that simply add a pet to the equation to find a benefit but no causality, this one compares pet owners to non pet owners across these metrics.

Apparently pet owners also own a lot of gadgets. A demographic profile of iPad owners reveals that their most common traits are being male, owning pets, and playing video games.

Speaking of gadgets, BusinessWeek notes that chipmaker Qualcomm is entering the consumer market with Tagg, a GPS locator for your dog. A $200 clip on product with a year of free service (on the Verizon network), the device alerts you if your dog leaves a predefined area. Since the broader effort envisions everyday gadgets and appliances wired up using their chips, this product could help evolve the Qualcomm brand.

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